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About Us

Callahan and Associates was founded April 1, 1976 to provide independent telecommunications consulting services to corporate clients. We have successfully served our clients under the same business name and from the same location for 40 years, a fairly remarkable achievement in the technology sector.

Our business model is “Fee for Service”. We do not represent any 3rd parties, we do not sell products or receive commissions from any vendor. We work for and with our clients to maximize the value they gain from technology dollars they spend.

Telecom services are complex. Billing for telecom services is also complex. We do not sell or license software styled to this task, rather we fully assume the role of the corporate telecom expense processing team. We will receive, log, validate, allocate, and if need be dispute all invoices associated with IT Services. We offer complimentary services including contract analysis, procurement through formal RFP processes and expense audits. Our analytical expertise coupled with our understanding of telecom technology bring added value to this process and yield lower recurring cost for the clients we serve.

Our client base includes clients from manufacturing, insurance, banking, energy and marketing segments of the economy. Our clients typically spend in excess of $50,000 per month on telecommunications services (Wired + Wireless). Our largest clients exceed $800,000 per month in spend.


Our Values

Ours is a small business based in a small town and has been built upon the principles of loyalty and trust, family and friendship. The business has sustained itself for 41 years through three generations in a highly competitive business environment because of the commitment we make to enduring client relationships.

Our core values demand that we:

  •         Respect our clients’ confidentiality;
  •         Are fair in our dealings with vendors and suppliers who support our clients;
  •         Fulfill our contractual commitments;
  •         Continually seek to improve our skills through formal training;
  •         Realize our own self interest is completely dependent upon how well we serve others.



Our commitment to client confidentiality precludes the listing of our client names. References available on request.

Bob Callahan, Jr. – Owner/CEO


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Lanette Fuller – Operations Manager