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Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services are offered as an outsource of our client’s bill payment process. We do not sell or license software styled to this task, rather we fully assume the role of the corporate telecom expense processing team.

As such we will receive, log, validate, allocate, and if need be
dispute all invoices associated with IT Services.

Complimentary services include expense bench marking, contract analysis, procurement through RFP processes and expense audits. Our analytical expertise coupled with our understanding of telecom technology bring added value to this process and results in lower recurring cost for those we serve.

Our expense management service is a complete business process outsource. There is no software to license or support. There is no employee training required. We assume responsibility for:

  1. Bill receipt and logging;
  2. Validation of charges to contract or tariff;
  3. Internal cost allocations;
  4. Payment;
  5. Disconnect and new service orders.

We offer a better way to manage the complexity and costs of telecom services.

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